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CrimsonAti Leadership

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Pictured above is the CrimsonAti Board for 2023-24. They were elected at the April Chapter Meeting at Fueled Collective. From the left: Andi Mapes (events/community service), Eddie Bogdanowicz (president), Ted Kluemper (treasurer), Angela Andsager (secretary), Cynthia Gevedon (new student recruitment), Laura Canaday (young alumni). Absent from photo Diana Day (VP), Virginia Mapes (membership). Both attended via Zoom.

President: Eddie Bogdanowicz. Eddie is a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at Alabama and plans to graduate in 2023. He is originally from Las Vegas and has a bachelor's and master's degree from UA. He lives downtown and works as an engineer at General Electric aviation. If elected in April, he will become CrimsonAti's sixth president. He will be taking the place of our outgoing president, Louis Mays. Lou will be serving on the Board as Past-President for one year.

Vice-President: Diana Day. Diana has a senior at UA and will return as VP at CrimsonAti. She lives in Russellville, OH and is eager to continue her duties as VP.

Treasurer: Ted Kluemper. Ted returns for another term as treasurer. He is from Ft. Wright, Ky. Ted's son Ray will be graduating from UA in 2023.

Secretary: Angela Andsager. Angela returned for another term as secretary and lives in Cincinnati. Her daughter is a graduate of UA. She's very involved in our chapter enjoys making gift baskets for CrimsonAti events.

Events/Community Service: Andi Mapes. She's our long term events and community service coordinator. Andi and her family are very involved in the chapter. She helps manage our watch parties and other chapter events. She also helps raise money for our scholarships. Andi is from Hyde Park.

New Student Recruitment: Cynthia Gevedon. One of our No. 1 fans, Cynthia has been active in CrimsonAti for a number of years. Her daughter Olivia is a graduate of UA and is currently in medical school at Ohio State. Cynthia, from Maineville, works closely with Kelly Watson, our Admissions Recruiter.

Membership: Virginia Mapes. VA is now a resident of Tuscaloosa and works at Ajian Sushi, a Cincinnati-based sushi bar in T-Town. VA was recognized by CrimsonAti in 2022 for her dedication to the chapter. She will continue maintaining our membership roster and under her leadership our chapter now has over 400 active members!

Young Alumni: Laura Canaday. Laura is a resident of Cincinnati and coordinates activities for young alumni in Greater Cincinnati. She is a grad of UA and employed at Children's Hospital. We are fortunate to have her back on the Board.

Scholarship Chair: Jim Anderson. Jim is our new Scholarship Chair and will be replacing Gina Weisgerber. He is an attorney from Cincinnati. Jim will be working with Mikki Doerger, Miranda Parker, Bonnie Rickert and Rebecca Dunehew each year to review over 600 applications for our two scholarships.

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