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CrimsonAti Apparel

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

This collectible t-shirt is one hot item!  They are for sale at all of our events.
10th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirts

SOLD OUT! Here's a 'must have' t-shirt! $10. We have this shirt in all sizes. Quantities are now limited due to high volume sales. They will be for sale at Watch Parties and our Tailgate Tent on GameDay. Ten years of growth and good work! We'd be happy to ship you a t-shirt too! Email us at and we'll get one out ASAP. We can accept payment via Venmo: @crimsonati-charter. Theodore Kluemper is our treasurer. Indicate your purchase is for 't-shirt'.

Our CrimsonAti t-shirts are one hot item. Each new member gets one for free. They are $15 each and available at our Watch Parties and the Tailgate Tent on GameDay. Email us for more information. We can accept payment via Venmo, check or cash.