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CrimsonAti at the UK Game

Bus to the UK Game

Over 60 CrimsonAti members attended the Alabama-Kentucky football game in Lexington. We had a sold out bus to the game and many members made the short trip by car to see the Crimson Tide beat the Wildcats to clinch the SEC West Championship. It was a beautiful sunny day in Lexington. Many of our fans enjoyed visiting the area's attractions like the horse farms and bourbon trails.

The National Alumni Association provided a large heated tent for tailgating and many of the bus passengers and other CrimsonAti fans attended the tailgate. It included mimosas, coffee, drinks and a full breakfast. Here are a few photos from the tailgate.

Most of the CrimsonAti fans were seated together at the stadium. They were a rowdy bunch!

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We had an absolute GREAT time at the Ky game !!! From getting tickets for the bus ride, tailgate and game all the way through the wonderful ride down from Cincinnati (EXCELLENT Driver, I add), enjoying a delicious tailgate event, watching Bama whup up on the Ky pusseycats, and the safe ride back to Cincinnati. THANKS to all the folks that pulled off a remarkable trip for us, plus the SUPER Bama fans we met!!!

By the way … CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to all the Kentucky fans for their polite, warm and gracious hospitality. Several Ky fans approached us and complimented us for being Bama and visiting their campus. Many asked if they could do anything for us. After t…

Louis Mays
Louis Mays
15 de nov. de 2023
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The bus trip to UK was provided by our Young Alumni and the leadership of Laura Canaday. GameDay was coordinated by Eddie Bogdanovicz and Cynthia Gevedon. It was truly a team effort and we thank you for such positive support. Roll Tide!

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