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CrimsonAti Student Grant Established

There are many challenges facing a student attending The University of Alabama. One major challenge: financial barriers. Many students go into significant debt to attend college and most scholarships don't cover the full cost of an education.

CrimsonAti has now established a Student Grant program. The purpose of this fund is to assist specific students with extenuating financial circumstances while attending UA. The goal is better attrition of students, leading to a higher graduation rate.

This fund will be used to identify and help those students from Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky who might need financial assistance to stay in college. Nominations are open to all students (graduate or undergraduate) identified by CrimsonAti with input from its members. This fund is not associated with an endowed scholarship and funds collected will not be eligible for the annual match by the National Alumni Association. However, contributions may be tax deductible to the extent of the law. Any awarded grant will be placed in the student's account at UA.

If you would like to contribute to the CrimsonAti Student Grant fund, you can do so here: You may also scan the QR code below to give:

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