Join Fueled Collective and Get Fueled!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

How do you like our venue for watch parties and events? Why don't you find your fuel by joining Fueled Collective? For as little as $95.00/month you can join under Entertainer, their entry-level membership. You get all of the amenities and benefits with every membership offered with 2x a month all-day access, full-time weekday access after 3 pm, and all-day access Saturday. Also included in the membership: Access to conference rooms and meeting space - Onsite gym access available (for an additional fee) - Access to Fueled Collective social programming. Check out their levels of membership and get fueled at Fueled Collective!

Fueled is renovating! They hope to have the indoor renovations finished by the Arkansas watch party, and for sure by the Iron Bowl watch party! Check out these photos of what's to come:

Wine & Bourbon Bar - 1st Floor


Bella - 1st Floor Office Area

Viola - Private Room #1 - 1st Floor

The Study - Private Room - 1st Floor

Bernadette - Private Room #3 - 1st Floor

The English Terrace - 1st Floor Patio - Coming Spring 2022

The future of Fueled Collective looks good!

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