Just What Is Served At A CrimsonAti Tailgate?

Updated: 7 days ago

What makes CrimsonAti's tailgate so unique? It's the only Alabama tailgate serving food and drink from Greater Cincinnati. With 80-100 students recruited to attend Alabama each year, it's the place to have a taste of home while on campus during GameDay. Located in front of Moore and Wade Halls, along University Blvd., this inflatable houndstooth tent is easy to find.

We have added a large, white big top tent that seats 40 to accommodate larger crowds for home games for 2022. For the Texas A&M game, we will add another white tent to seat a total of 80. All tents will be side-by-side and only a few feet down the sidewalk, in front of Moore Hall, right along University Blvd. We recommend our Facebook users join our tailgating group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crimsonatiatthegame/. This site is used to make game by game announcements for each tailgate. Attendees often bring food and drink from home to support our tailgate.

What is a taste of Cincinnati? Let's start with Skyline chili. We serve a hot Skyline/goetta dip that will wake up your taste buds when spread over Scoops. It's the only dip of its kind. It's made with cream cheese, green onions, chili sauce, crispy fried goetta and topped off with finely shredded cheddar cheese.

The dip above is right before adding the cheese topping and baking it slowly in the oven.

The consummate Skyline lover will also enjoy a coney, some with hot sauce and onions. There's always a line for the coneys.

No Cincinnati tailgate would be complete without the 'wait for it' taste of Grippo's BBQ chips, and we serve it in a box. Southerners have been known to pay up to $40 a box for these chips!

We have a guest chef at most tailgates that cooks their signature entree. UA Huntsville interim president Chuck Karr brought his brisket to the Mercer game in 2021 and later made mini-Skyline coneys for the Southern Miss tailgate. Cincinnati native and scholarship supporter Walt Griess slow cooked his Boston butt for both the Tennessee and Arkansas tailgate last year. This year both Walt Griess and Pete Zimmer have been guest chefs.

Ajian Sushi chef, Pete Zimmer, prepared his delicious gumbo for the LSU tailgate. We are fortunate to have these skilled chefs preparing their speciality for our tailgate, and all have direct ties to Greater Cincinnati.

Sushi may not be from Cincinnati, but you can bet the Cincy native chef at Ajian Sushi, along with the former Cincinnati Bengal QB that bears his name (Ajian Sushi), has a Cincinnati tie. We are the only Alabama tailgate that has sushi delivered.

So, What's For Dessert?

How about Brown County Ohio's favorite peanut bars? These hard-to-make cakes are a favorite east of the city.

Serve a peanut bar with some Graeter's vanilla ice cream. What???? Graeter's ice cream is at the tailgate? You bet!

We keep a variety of Graeter's ice cream on dry ice so you can enjoy it all day long, either on a cone or in a bowl. It's a favorite with students!

Brought in straight from Newtown, this candy is a favorite with tailgaters. A sweet old-fashioned tradition. Grab a few for the game!

Are You Thirsty Yet?

Most everything served at the tailgate is from the Greater Cincinnati area. That includes beer from March First, Braxton in Covington, Ky., Rhinegeist, and this year we feature Taft's Brewpourium's Frisch's pumpkin pie ale. We also serve Ale8 soft drinks, a 'late one' bottled in Northern Kentucky.