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LSU Tailgate - Recap

It takes a big hat to win a big game!

According to estimates, we had about 500 attend our LSU tailgate! It takes a village to make a successful tailgate. We owe a big thank you to so many people, including our Board, volunteers, students, alumni, tent guys, bartender, caterers, and so many others that brought food/drink. We thank everyone for the numerous ice runs. It was a beautiful fall day in Tuscaloosa and a great win for the Crimson Tide over the LSWho Tigers!

We are the official HQ for Nacho Alabamo!

Our tailgate was recently named the No. 2 tailgate at the University of Alabama by the Tuscaloosa News and USA Today. Strategically located in front of Wade and Little Halls.

CrimsonAti VP Diana Day with husband John and son UA senior Emerson

Our tailgate is sponsored by CrimsonAti and individual sponsors that give generously to make it such a success. Dues constitute the majority of our financial support.

A full house

We have seating for 130 at our tailgate. Food is provided around the perimeter and we offer an open bar with bartender (Mattie Stephenson).

Jeff Herr (dad) and daughter UA senior Skylar. All parents are welcome.

Here are a few phots from the tailgate.

Our final tailgate for the 2023 football season will be on November 18th for the Chattanooga game. Kickoff is at 11:00 a.m. so we will offer drinks and donuts at the inflatable tent. RSVP for the Chattanooga tailgate here: Roll Tide!

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