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Ole Miss Watch Party - Recap

Watching the game in Public House 1

We had a nice turnout for the Ole Miss watch party at Fueled Collective to see the Crimson Tide defeat Ole Miss 24-10. FC provides a variety of options for watching the game.

Watching the game on the big screen at the amphitheater

Congratulations to our Big Board winners! Tasha Burns won the first quarter and the second quarter winner was in attendance. There were no winners for the third or fourth quarters, so that money went to our scholarship. We apologize to the Square buyers online at our Eventbrite site. We didn't get their names on the Big Board on time, so we are rolling their Squares over to the Mississippi State game. We apologize to those Square buyers and wish the luck next week!

Speaking of the Mississippi State Big Board, you can get your Squares online ahead of time here: This time, we promise to get your Squares on the Big Board on time! Thank you all for supporting our scholarships!

Door prize winner

We give door prizes away at every watch party. Nothing brings a smile better than winning a door prize at a CrimsonAti watch party!

Bama swag

Make sure you RSVP for our Mississippi State watch party here: It's a late game, but we will have desserts and the drinks are on us. Public House 1 at FC. Don't forget our Beat Auburn Beat Hunger food drive for the Inter Parish Ministry. We will see you there! Roll Tide from Greater Cincinnati!

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