Legislators & the Governor has signed it into Law! Alabama Branded Ohio License Plate is a Reality!

Updated: Apr 30

House Bill 291 is now Law! After passing the House and Senate, this bill was signed on April 21, 2022 by Governor DeWine.

Co-sponsored by Representative Ron Bird (R-New Richmond), HB 291 Section 4503.517 (page 42), provides for an Alabama branded Ohio license plate. You can link to the bill here: https://search-prod.lis.state.oh.us/solarapi/v1/general_assembly_134/bills/hb291/PH/02/hb291_02_PH?format=pdf&fbclid=IwAR05G0lYhd09kMS2-RVpTKjt-ZXitjRMfWASzDtdMsKjndVCVGFegWwA430.

More media coverage: https://www.nbc4i.com/news/new-ohio-law-allows-license-plate-with-university-of-alabama-logo/?fbclid=IwAR0AllL0NzlM9oJXNxI02gxvRE2eFpYSYMUTmjA-lzjwWFLdPACBYIKdYGU

If you live in Ohio and have a vehicle(s), you will be eligible to purchase a plate. Even if you don’t purchase a plate, sign the petition. The design will be determined by the BMV and the National Alumni Association. It will cost about $40 more than a regular plate. Funds collected from the sale of these plates will benefit our endowed scholarships in Ohio for future UA students.

Mikki Doerger is currently collecting petitions from those interested. The petition must be completely filled out, including license plate number, DL number, etc. A copy of the petition is available here:

Download PDF • 103KB

Completed petitions (originals, no copies allowed), should be mailed to Mikki Doerger, 3395 Legendary Trails Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45245. This petition will be available at our Watch Parties and at the Tailgate tent on GameDay. We still need valid signatures and petitions! Roll Tide in Ohio! Get ready to show your Crimson Pride on your Ohio license plate!

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