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Student Social

UA students from Greater Cincinnati met at Starbucks on Bryant Drive for CrimsonAti's annual Student Social. When asked if they came for the free drinks, they said 'no'. They came to network with other students from back home.

Students from Greater Cincinnati make a tremendous impact at The University of Alabama. Here are some examples:

Plays viola in the Huxford Symphony Orchestra

This Edgewood grad plays trumpet in the Million Dollar Band

Seniors working in the oil refinery business and at P&G.

Enjoying a drink while studying

Representing Turpin, Anderson and Madeira high schools

Sharing contact information and networking

These students took the time out of their busy schedules to meet and greet other students from Greater Cincinnati. Neighbor meeting neighbor. That's what CrimsonAti is all about. Roll Tide from WhereLegendsAreMade!

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