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Tennessee Tailgate - Recap

It was.a tale of two halves as the Crimson Tide came from behind to beat the Tennessee 'snitches' 34-20! We had a GREAT tailgate for the game with perfect weather. We estimated that over 200 attended our CrimsonAti tailgate during GameDay. We thank our volunteers that helped at the tent with setup, take down, membership, food, drink and our special bartender Mattie. Thank you to our sponsors and catering folks. Thank you to Walt Griess for his delicious Boston butt. We celebrated Lou's Birthday and ended the day enjoying a good cigar! Here are just a few photos from the tailgate:

Thank you to all that supported The Big Board and congratulations to the winners!

Happy Birthday to Captain Lou Mays! (His Birthday is actually the 28th).

Our next tailgate will be for the LSU game. Pete Zimmer will be our guest chef (award winning gumbo). Roll Tide!

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