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Texas Tailgate - Recap

His first peanut bar!

Over 300 attended our Texas tailgate. There are so many people to thank that made this tailgate a success. Thank you to CrimsonAti officers Diana Day, Cynthia Gevedon, Virginia Mapes for their hard work on the charter flight and at the tent. Thank you to CrimsonAti Members Dave and Luann Smith, Everett Osmer, Walt Griess, Pete Zimmer, Bryce Schottelkotte and Rebecca Dunehew (charter flight), Joseph Freeman (tent guy), John and Sebastian Saucier, Jeff Herr, Katrina Vince and Mattie Stephenson (bartender) for all of their hard work and dedication to our tailgate a big success! We also wish to thank our caterers Joe's Italian, Ajian Sushi, and the Peach Cobbler Factory.

Here are a few photos from the tailgate. We wish we could get photos of everyone that attended, but we'd need a full-time photographer for that!

It's always good to see our students visit the tailgate as well as our long-time members coming back for a campus visit.

What can we say bout our food? The Italian food was delicious and so was the filet mignon, potatoes and pasta. We always enjoy seeing our friends from the National Alumni Association. We had homemade peach cobbler and red velvet banana pudding, along with Graeter's ice cream and peanut bars for dessert. The Italian cream cake was devoured.

We now have a portable bar at the tent and our bartender, Mattie Stephenson, worked all afternoon serving drinks.

Several of our lifetime members were at the tent and proudly wore their name tags. Lots of networking, reunion with friends and making new friends.

Lots of networking and good food too! Here's a short video of our tailgate about the time the food arrived. Courtesy of Padgett Watkins.

30 passengers on our charter flight arrived at the tailgate... hungry and thirsty! We also welcome several prospective students and their parents.

Ultimate JetCharter Non-Stop Flight to Tuscaloosa

Our next tailgate will be the Ole Miss game. We welcome parents! Roll Tide!

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