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The Denny Society

That's Walt Griess and Louis Mays in the photo. They are both members of the Denny Society. Named for the University's 15th president, Dr. George Hutcheson Denny, and his family, The Denny Society recognizes the importance of deferred gifts in ensuring the future of The University of Alabama. Over $360 million has been endowed to The University of Alabama by the Denny Society. Walt and Lou have provided for an endowed scholarship to CrimsonAti in their estates. Walt grew up in Hyde Park and is a graduate of Withrow. He's an attorney from Eutaw, AL. Lou is President of CrimsonAti and is a graduate of Eastern Brown. He is retired and helps coordinate the CrimsonAti tailgate during football season.

The Denny Society meets biennially. If you would like to endow a scholarship in your estate, contact Planned Giving at UA and they will assist you with the details. It's a great way to leave your legacy by helping future students from Greater Cincinnati attend #WhereLegendsAreMade.