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Update on License Plates in Ohio

Exciting news on the Alabama/Ohio tag. The Alabama tag in Ohio began selling on 7/25/2023 and the Ohio BMV has collected $1,200 through September 12th. The Ohio BMV will electronically deposit the tag revenue each quarter to UA. The National Alumni Association should receive their 1st electronic transfer for the period of July-September in the month of October.

So where does this money go? It is applied to the endowed scholarships for both the Greater Cincinnati Chapter and the Central Ohio Chapter. The funds collected from the license plate sales will be matched by the National Alumni Association the following July. $30 of each plate sale goes to our endowed scholarships. This is a very generous program by the Ohio BMV.

The National Alumni Association has started their marketing campaign by sending an email to every UA graduate living in the State of Ohio that is in the UA database.

Results as of mid-September:

Email sent to: +1,400 people

Open e-mail: 550

Clicked link: 50

The National Alumni Association also plans to conduct social media promotions, so be on the lookout.

For more information about how you can purchase your tag:

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