We Don't Do Buses: Charter Flights to Alabama Football Games

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It's the Ultimate Experience! CrimsonAti charters flights to select Alabama football games for members. We partner with Ultimate Jetcharters at Lunken Airport and fly non-stop to the Tuscaloosa Airport. In 2021 we chartered flights to the Homecoming game with Tennessee and the LSU game. Seats cost about $760 per person. Cost is determined by the quote from Ultimate Jetcharters.

2022 Charter Flight Information

Our charter will be to the Texas A&M game. This flight is currently SOLD OUT! More information: https://www.crimsonati.org/event-details/charter-flight-to-the-alabama-texas-a-m-game.

The day starts with a meet and greet at the Ultimate terminal. It's a great way to network with other local Bama fans.

While you're waiting on the flight crew to do their pre-flight check, you enjoy some refreshments and networking with other CrimsonAti members from all over.

While waiting, you find new friends and things you all have in common. Passengers come from as far away as Columbus.

We're no slouches when it comes to food, drink and refreshments before, during and after the flight, which generally takes around an hour and a half. We roll out the crimson carpet on the flight with drinks and snacks.

We lied when we said we 'don't do buses'. A CrimsonRide bus is used to shuttle passengers to and from the Tuscaloosa airport and campus. We also use our CrimsonAti Student Ambassadors to coordinate each charter experience while on campus.

The CrimsonRide shuttle will drop you off next to our CrimsonAti tailgate, where you will get a refreshing yellow hammer or your favorite beverage and food from home while you wait for your next special experience on campus.

After tailgating, it's time to go to the game! There is nothing like an Alabama football game and we select the very best games for your experience! You'll see an amazing laser show, the Million Dollar Band, Sweet Home Alabama, Dixieland Delight, Basket Case, Yea Alabama and the team of course! Get ready to high-five your neighbors! Roll Tide!

About 45 minutes after Rammer Jammer, you board the CrimsonRide shuttle on the west side of Bryant-Denny Stadium for a short trip back to the airport. You'll be back in the Queen City before we get the tailgate tent down! No expensive two-day lodging in Tuscaloosa. No parking or traffic hassles. No 16 hours on the road. It's truly a first-class experience, which is why we recommend you BOOK EARLY when the trips are announced. These charter flights sell out months in advance.

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