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A-Day Recap

Executive Committee of the National Alumni Association

It was a busy A-Day weekend on the campus of The University of Alabama! CrimsonAti was well represented at all A-Day events. Lou Mays is currently serving a second year on the Executive Committee as VP of Region 1 (northeast USA).

From left: Paul Manderfield, Denise Manderfield, Alyssa Phelan, Virginia Mapes, Lou Mays

The Manderfield's are originally from Kings, OH. The NAA held an awards banquet and Lakota West grad Alyssa Phelan was named one of the recipients of the Alumni Outstanding Senior Award. After graduating from UA in May, she will be attending law school at UNC. Virginia Mapes serves as Membership Coordinator for CrimsonAti.

Alyssa Phelan, Lou Mays and NAA past president Mandy Wyatt

The National Alumni Association recognizes CrimsonAti as one of the most active and successful chapters in the country.

UA Seniors Alyssa Phelan and Jaden Anderson

During the A-Day game, President Bell invited members of the Executive Committee and their guests, along with the families of the Alumni Outstanding Senior awards, to the President's Box at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Both Alyssa and Jaden will be graduating in May. Jaden (Indian Hill grad) is majoring in chemical engineering.

Lou's Rowdy Friends!

After the game, friends of retiring Executive Committee member Will Thomas met at the Alcove for a farewell party. Several CrimsonAti members are in the photo, including Lou Mays, Walt Griess, Nacho Alabamo, Denise and Paul Manderfield, and Mandy Wyatt.

Thank you Will Hodges for hosting our A-Day watch party at The Well in Covington. Thank you to our Events Coordinator, Andi Mapes, for organizing!

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