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CrimsonAti Elects Officers & Recognizes Outgoing Officers

From left: Lou Mays (VP Region 1 NAA); Angela Andsager (gifts for special events); Cynthia Gevedon (student recruitment); Rebecca Dunehew (treasurer); Andi Mapes (community service/events); Ted Kluemper (outgoing treasurer); Shannon McAffry-Davidson (secretary); Tyler Fowler (young alumni coordinator); Eddie Bogdanowicz (president)

Elections were held for the 2024-25 CrimsonAti Board at the April Chapter Meeting. Three Board members are stepping down and we have three new Board members. Diana Day, vice-president, is missing from the photo above.

President Eddie Bogdanowicz recognizes the contribution of Ted Kluemper, outgoing treasurer.

Ted served as treasurer for 4 years! He did an outstanding job as treasurer, growing our balance significantly.

Madam Secretary Angela Andsager was recognized by President Eddie Bogdanowicz.

Angela not only took minutes at our meetings, she also makes some cool gift baskets for our events, She will continue to stay involved with CrimsonAti. Check out her newest gift basket at the A-Day Watch Party at The Well in Covington.

Laura Canaday represented young alumni and is recognized by President Eddie Bogdanowicz

Newlywed Laura Canaday (hubby is Kevin McPartland) has done an outstanding job representing young alumni. Recently, she organized the bus trip to the UK game in Lexington. She also coordinated various happy hours.

President Eddie Bogdanowicz welcomes our new treasurer Rebecca Dunehew

Everyone will recognize Becky Dunehew as she coordinates CrimsonAti travel (charter flight and bus trips). Becky was elected our new treasurer and will be replacing Ted Kluemper.

That's Shannon McAffry-Davidson, our new secretary.

Shannon has some big shoes to fill as Angela Andsager's term has expired. She will be taking minutes at all Chapter Meetings. Welcome Shannon!

We have an outstanding Board at CrimsonAti and the future looks bright. Roll Tide!

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