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(Y)Our Chapter


CrimsonAti is the official alumni association for the University of Alabama for the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana areas. We have 3 primary goals as a chapter. 

  1. The raising of funds to be used in the establishment and the continuation of University of Alabama student scholarships

  2. Serving the community through various charity events, fund-raising, and volunteer work

  3. Fostering of the spirit of fraternity among graduates and friends of the University of Alabama

In order to accomplish our goals we often provide social gatherings, community service opportunities, watch parties, tailgates, and other important events for our membership and local students.


Our leadership is composed entirely of volunteers who happily donate their time and resources to the organization. All of our board and committee members fully support the mission of the University of Alabama and our organization to serve our local students and community.


CrimsonAti currently has 3 fully endowed scholarships with 1 soon to be endowed scholarship:  

  • The Greater Cincinnati Endowed Scholarship (Endowed 2014)

  • The Cusick Family Endowed Scholarship (Endowed 2020)

  • The Margaret and Scott Rodrigue Endowed Scholarship (Endowed 2023)

  • The Dunehew Family Scholarship (Established 2023)

If you would like to read more about our scholarships, you can do so here:

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