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Alabama Branded Ohio License Plates Are Now Available

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Alabama branded license plates are offered in eight states. Ohio has become the ninth state!

Alabama branded Ohio license plates are now available from the Ohio BMV. It doesn't matter when your plate expires, you can order your Alabama plate online now.

Here's how to order your plates:

Connect to Scroll down and click on OPLATES. Login as guest or your account.

You will need to enter your license plate number and last four of SSN, then login. All of the vehicles applied to this account will be displayed. Select the vehicle(s) you wish to purchase plates for. After you review the information provided, click on BEGIN. Answer YES to the question 'Do you want to replace or exchange your plate for another?' Answer NO to the next question. Click on CONTINUE.

You will be given three options under Personalized Questions. If you select the first (I want to be assigned a plate number by the BMV) or third option (I want to get a personalized plate number [additional charge], you will be given the option to choose a logo (Alabama plate). If you choose the middle option of keeping your current plate number [additional charge], you apparently will NOT have the option of choosing the Alabama logo. Make your selection then click on CONTINUE.

Under Personalization, select your desired logo (University of Alabama). Scroll way down to find this option. A SAMPLE PLATE preview will appear. Click on CONTINUE.

Under QUESTIONS, choose how many plates you want (1-2). Some people want to choose 2 and display that extra tag in their Bama Cave, etc. Choose your mailing location. Answer the insurance question. Do you want to share your information and address with UA? Answer yes/no. If BMV wants to contact you, enter your email address and phone number. Click on CONTINUE.

Total cost of your transaction will next appear under REVIEW FEES. Add to Cart. You can add additional vehicles from this point or go to CHECK OUT. Click on CONTINUE.

Enter payment information and click on REVIEW PAYMENT. After review, SUBIT PAYMENT. You can then view your receipt or print it. The Quick Survey is optional. Congratulations! You've ordered your Alabama branded Ohio license plate!

Roll Tide in Ohio! Thank you Mikki Doerger at CrimsonAti, Anna Miskimen at Roll Tide Ohio, Calvin Brown, David Wilson, Trin Miller and Kayla White at the National Alumni Association, and all of the volunteers that helped collect petitions. A special thank you to Representative Adam Bird for sponsoring the legislation.

For each Alabama tag sold in the State of Ohio, $30.00 will be charged above other applicable license plate fees and taxes. This $30.00 will be awarded for scholarships to residents of Ohio who attend The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Bottom line, you purchase an Alabama tag in the State of Ohio, you are helping a neighbor get a college education at The Capstone. These funds will be awarded through the various endowed scholarships available at both CrimsonAti and the Roll Tide Ohio (Central Ohio) chapter.

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