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Congratulations to these Graduates of The University of Alabama!

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

December 2023 Graduates:

Our Ohio graduates:

Rylie K. Higgins, Batavia, BS in Chemical Engineering

Edward Frank Bogdanowicz, Cincinnati, Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (CrimsonAti President)

Michael P. Rand, Cincinnati, BS in Chemical Engineering

Kristin Murray, Cincinnati, Master of Science

Caroline L. Horvath Cincinnati, BS and MS of Science

Evan Benjamin Yablonsky, Hamilton, BS in Civil Engineering

Logan Christopher Jirak, Loveland, Master of Science

Katie A. Johnson, Loveland, BS Commerce Business Admin.

Connor A. Berohn, Loveland, BS in Electrical Engineering

Dhruv Dinesh, Maineville, BS in Nursing

Morgan Elizabeth Phillippi, Waynesville, VS in Nursing

Our Kentucky graduates:

Jeremy Keown, Covington, Master of Science

David Alexander Bishop, Union, BS in Mechanical Engineering

August 2023 Graduates:

Our Ohio graduates:

Ryland J. Scott, Carlisle, Bachelor's Degree

Jansen G. Forbes, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Ben Ramos, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Charles Helton, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Claudia Jennings, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Tyler Nicole Fowler, Northport AL (moving to Cincinnati), Master's Degree

Rachel Nicole Bissetta, Miamisburg, Master's Degree

Sydnee Rachelle Smith, Milford, Bachelor's Degree

Faith Marie Hensley, Monroe, Master's Degree

Our Indiana Graduate:

Jacob M. Bentley, Connersville, Master's Degree

May 2023 Graduates:

Our Ohio graduates:

Maria Geneva Maples, Amelia, Bachelor's Degree

Megan S. DeWald, Amelia, Bachelor's Degree

Rylie K. Higgins, Batavia, Bachelor's Degree

Emily K. Doyon, Bellbrook, Bachelor's Degree

Danielle Marie Westbrock, Bellbrook, Bachelor's Degree

Kayla E. Roeske, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Taylor Marie Drapp, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Emma Jean Tucker, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Hunter A. Park, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Kateland Fahy Turnbull, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Grace A. Bollinger, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Claire J. Busken, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Max Michael Egan, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Evan R. Ogilvie, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Jenna C. Geis, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Angelina T. Belfiore, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Ashley Rose Voelkerding, Cleves, Master's Degree

Cara Alessandra Cannarozzi, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Donald William Long, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Shawn Keith Alcorn, Hamilton, Master's Degree

Jacob Eric Waggoner, Hamilton, Master's Degree

Sarah Elizabeth Carmella, Hamilton, Master's Degree

Brianna K. Sorum, Lebanon, Bachelor's Degree

Kyle Edward McCann, Lebanon, Bachelor's Degree

McKenna B. Daniel, Liberty Twp., Bachelor's Degree

Grace C. Bernius, Maineville, Bachelor's Degree

Jackson Patrick Rossiter, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Julia Block, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Abigail Grace Zeigler, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Jack P. Gerus, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Abigail J. Markworth, Miamisburg, Master's Degree

Brittaney Gabbard, Middletown, Master's Degree

Karen Marie Carpenter, Middletown, Bachelor's Degree

Christopher R. Moorhouse, Milford, Bachelor's Degree

Emily L. Cornelius, Milford, Bachelor's Degree

Hannah R. Stumpfl, Springboro, Master's Degree

Emma J. Seay, Springboro, Bachelor's Degree

Alexander Robert Berardi, Springboro, Bachelor's Degree

Quincy Marquis Scott, Springfield, Bachelor's Degree

Spencer J. Virtue, Waynesville, Bachelor's Degree

Evan A. Phillippi, Waynesville, Bachelor's Degree

Kayleigh L. Jones, West Chester, Bachelor's Degree

Hayley E. Winslow, West Chester, Bachelor's Degree

Our Kentucky graduates:

Raymond G. Kluemper, Covington, Bachelor's Degree

Jonathan S. Martini, Erlanger, Master's Degree

Rachel L. Ray, Ft. Thomas, Bachelor's Degree

Jessica James Pelton, Union, Bachelor's Degree

Caitlyn N. Powell, Walton, Bachelor's Degree

Our Indiana graduate:

Madeline Rose Greene, Batesville, Master's Degree

December 2022 Graduates:

We are #CrimsonAti Proud of these Fall 2022 Greater Cincinnati graduates of The University of Alabama! Give them a shout out! #WhereLegendsAreMade.

Our Ohio graduates:

Mary Kate Cusick, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Christopher Lee McCann, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

John Declan Dunehew, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Aidan N. Sutherland, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Eric M. Winter, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Madeline C. Cherry, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Jansen G. Forbes, Cincinnati, Bachelor’s Degree

Edward Bogdanowicz, Cincinnati, Doctorate Degree

Ahmad M.B.S. Almutairi, Dayton, Bachelor’s Degree

Andrea Paige Lawley, Lebanon, Bachelor’s Degree

Our Kentucky graduate:

Dalton Thomas Guthrie, Newport, Ky, Bachelor’s Degree

August 2022 Graduates:

We are #CrimsonAtiProud of these Summer 2022 Greater Cincinnati graduates of The University of Alabama. Give them a shout out! #WhereLegendsAreMade.

Our Ohio graduates:

Isabelle Annalise Andsager, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Jessica Rochelle Doan, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Elizabeth Parish, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Madeleine G. Taylor, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Jeri Taylor Loranzan, Dayton, Doctoral Degree

Jamila C. Flowers, Liberty Twp., Master's Degree

Nathan M. Weisgerber, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

May 2022 Graduates:

We are #CrimsonAtiProud of these Spring 2022 Greater Cincinnati graduates of The University of Alabama. Give them a shout out! #WhereLegendsAreMade.

Our Ohio graduates:

Nathan James Rivard, Amelia, Bachelor's Degree

Jonathan D. Whiteford, Centerville, Master's Degree

Scott B. Allison, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Lucille Rene Hanley, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Henry Z. Tabeling, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Zachary A. Van Fossen, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Patricia Nichole Arnett, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Joshua Michael Cheng, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Madeleine G. Taylor, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Jessica R. Pahren, Cincinnati Master's Degree

Charles M. Visconti, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Paul Richard Kane, Cincinnati Bachelor's Degree

Grace Elizabeth Muncy, Cincinnati, Master's Degree

Megan S. Blocksom, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Max Michael Egan, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Riley Elizabeth Blum, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Spencer T. Murtha, Cincinnati Bachelor's Degree

Erich Michael Guenther, Cincinnati, Bachelor's Degree

Francisco L. Marshall, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Charles Stanley Martin, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Sydney E. Hardern, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Taylor Leigh Rieck, Dayton, Master's Degree

Kennedy N. Chase, Dayton, Bachelor's Degree

Shelby S. Umstot, Germantown, Bachelor's Degree

Rachel Michelle Patton, Hamilton, Master's Degree

Jacob Eric Waggoner, Hamilton, Bachelor's Degree

Phillip J. Sorum, Lebanon, Bachelor's Degree

Curtis S. Moss, Lebanon Bachelor's Degree & Master's Degree

Samuel Thomas Russo, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

Hannah G. Corbin, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

Connor A. Bayer, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

Ellen M. Goldenberg, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

Madelyn L. Armstrong, Loveland, Bachelor's Degree

John C. Tereck, Loveland, Master's Degree

Matthias Monnin Meyer, Loveland, Master's Degree

Makayla Lynn Creed, Lynchburg, Bachelor's Degree

Tejas Dinesh, Maineville, Bachelor's Degree

Alexander F. Fletcher, Maineville, Bachelor's Degree

Madison T. Schowalter, Maineville, Bachelor's Degree

Lahrenn Loey Thibodeau, Maineville, Bachelor's Degree

Matthew J. Debrunner, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Abigail Brianne Gunter, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Madison A. Krummen, Mason, Master's Degree

Alexander Burton, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Benjamin Paul Borja, Mason, Bachelor's Degree

Abigail J. Markworth, Miamisburg, Bachelor's Degree

Elizabeth M. Algren, Miamisburg, Bachelor's Degree

Joshua D. Bunch, Milford, Bachelor's Degree

Rachel N. Ploeger, Monroe,Bachelor's Degree

Nicholas V. Perera, Sharonville, Bachelor's Degree

Whitney Elaine Leibold, Springboro, Bachelor's Degree

Hannah R. Stumpfl, Springboro, Bachelor's Degree

Sarah Janet Latham, Springboro, Bachelor's Degree

Kelsey Nicole Weber, Troy,Bachelor's Degree

Our northern Kentucky graduates:

Anthony R. Schwarberg, Alexandria, KY., Master's Degree

Elena Elizabeth Alcantara, Covington, KY., Bachelor's Degree

Jillian M. Fields, Dayton, KY., Bachelor's Degree

Quincy L. Emerson, Ft. Mitchell, KY., Bachelor's Degree

Braden M. Rickert, Verona, KY., Master's Degree

Our SE Indiana graduates:

Husain M J M Hasan, Aurora, IN., Kuwait, Bachelor's Degree

Jenna G. Bennett, Lawrenceburg, IN., Bachelor's Degree

Olivia Nicole Sizemore, Vevay, IN., Master's Degree

December 2021 Graduates:

We are #CrimsonAtiProud of these Fall 2021 Greater Cincinnati graduates of The University of Alabama. Give them a shout out! #WhereLegendsAreMade.

Cincinnati - Aaron P. Spring - BS Commerce Business Admin.

Cincinnati - Patricia Nichole Arnett - Master of Arts

Cincinnati - Delaney Louise Johnson - BS in Nursing

Cincinnati - Tyler Christian Hummel - BS Commerce Business Admin.

Cleves - Ashley Rose Voelkerding - Bachelor of Science

Fairfield - Stacie Lynn Zeis - Master of Arts

Franklin - Lindsey G. Coffin - BS in Mechanical Engineering

Lebanon - Bradley S. Spiller - BS in Metallurgical Engineering

Mason - Parker Zane Hopson - BS in Computer Science

Morrow - Caitlin R. Norrie - Bachelor of Science

West Milton - Jordan Hester - Master of Science

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