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CrimsonAti Watch Parties - 2024 Update

As this exciting and very promising football season draws near, we would like to share with all of our members, students, parents and fans some helpful information about our watch parties.

Watch Party at Fueled Collective.

We are fortunate to have access to great venues for watch parties: Fueled Collective at Rookwood Exchange and The Well in Covington. We owe Will Hodges and his crew at The Well in Covington, Ky. a great deal of gratitude. We also greatly appreciate Jeff and Heather Herr for their contribution of Fueled Collective and their wonderful staff.

We are sure you all agree that both are great venues for events. We ask that our Bama family be courteous and patient with everyone at our events. Our entire board is made up of volunteers and all professional staff are diligently working to put on our events. We also support those less fortunate, so we ask you to consider giving to the Inter Parish Ministry, our food pantry partner.

The Well in Covington

Andi and Scott Mapes have graciously sponsored the food for many years, which is provided by them and other volunteers that cook food for our events. Through their and others' hard work, we can provide some food for certain events. We ask that you please keep in mind that food brought in is prepared by volunteers and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude. Food is available at The Grub when our watch parties are at The Well. There are several restaurants next to Fueled Collective.

If food is provided for a watch party, it is not possible to account for all dietary needs or restrictions. We ask that those who have special dietary needs keep that in mind and plan accordingly.


We ask that all of our members, alumni, students, parents and fans be patient with us as we are doing the best we can as our events evolve in 2024. It's important for more people to get involved with CrimsonAti and we are always looking for volunteers at the watch parties and tailgates. We especially need help with The Big Board. If you wish to volunteer at one of our watch parties, contact Andi Mapes at 513.500.3820. Attend our chapter meetings. Serve our community. Come join us and Thank YOU all for your support of CrimsonAti. Join our Facebook Watch Party Group: Roll Tide!

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