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CrimsonAti Proud!

Updated: Jan 4

CrimsonAti Proud is a Facebook hashtag and a term we use to give a shout-out to alumni, students, prospective students and members. We are extremely proud of these exceptional individuals. They are affiliated in some way with The University of Alabama and CrimsonAti. As you scroll down you'll see some outstanding people making significant contributions to The University of Alabama and Greater Cincinnati.

From football with the Crimson Tide to Hollywood, we are CrimsonAti Proud of Brandon Moore. This graduate of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and UA played for the Crimson Tide from 2012 to 2015.

Now at the age of 29, Moore has been on a roll as of late. He appears in “Condors Nest”, a big budget movie that will hit theatres January 22nd. He stars in “The Mayor Of Kingstown” on Paramount+ on January 22nd (season 2, episode 2). He was a stunt double for Michael Chiklis in the football movie ”The Senior”, his athletic backround coming in handy. He plays a dirty cop in “Broken Ties” that will be released this year on Lifetime.

And one of his big roles can be seen Thursday night at 8 o’clock ET! Brandon plays Jessie Erickson, a high school heartthrob gone bad on “Law & Order” on WVTM13. “The entire episode is based on my character,” Brandon tells me. “The episode was shot in New York City back on November first.” (Source: Rick Karle, WVTM 13).

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