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We Have Adopted a Shelf at IPM

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

CrimsonAti continues our support of IPM’s Adopt a Shelf program providing bathroom tissue for distribution through both food pantries in Newtown and Amelia. Thirty-nine cases of bathroom tissue (at a cost of $1,800 with a discount) stocks the shelves for a full year. We are hoping to secure donations allowing us to supply product for the entire year - with no gaps in availability. Our membership has grown by leaps and bounds this year and we are inviting you to help support the IPM pantries who are feeding families and nourishing souls.

A donation of $47.50 gets a 96-roll case of bathroom tissue on the shelf. Want to donate a case or two or more? Checks, payable to Andi Mapes, can be sent to 3357 Everson Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209, Venmo (@Andrea-Mapes-4) or PayPal (Andi Mapes Can we count on you to help us get this done? Thank you.

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1 Comment

Louis Mays
Louis Mays
Feb 01, 2022

I just sent you a donation on PayPal. Thanks for doing this for us Andi.

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