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Dunehew Family Endowed Scholarship Established

From left: Declan, Rebecca, Matt and Aidan

Rebecca (Workman) and Matthew Dunehew, together with their sons Declan (UA BSME ’22) and Aidan (Dayton BSME ’25) are excited to deepen relationships between Greater Cincinnati/Dayton/northern Kentucky families and the University of Alabama through this STEM based renewable scholarship.

Becky and Matt, both ’92 Missouri University of Science & Technology (MSM-UMR) graduates, come from military backgrounds and lived in Panama, Thailand, Japan and throughout the US before moving to Cincinnati to raise their family. Becky is a BSEE P.E. and a Procter & Gamble retiree currently with Duke Energy, Matt is a BSMetE engineer with the Procter & Gamble Company.

Declan is an alumnus of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and engineer with Duke Energy. Aidan is studying in the University of Dayton’s engineering program. Both young men attended school in Wyoming, Ohio, excelling in both the classroom and multiple sports.

They are thrilled to help students attend their dream school! The Southern hospitality extended by the CrimsonAti community, the University of Alabama faculty, staff and families is genuine. They are delighted to be a part of it. ROLL TIDE!

Criteria for selection:

  1. Priority of consideration shall be given to entering freshmen students graduating from a high school located in the Greater Cincinnati, northern Kentucky or Dayton area. Preference will be given to those students pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math (STEM) curriculum.

  2. The scholarship will be automatically renewable for each succeeding year of the recipient’s undergraduate education, not to exceed a total of four academic years of undergraduate study (ten semesters consisting of fall and spring), provided the incumbent recipient’s academic performance and progress are of such quality as to justify such renewal by maintaining a minimum cumulative 2.75 UA grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.

  3. The recipient shall be recommended by the Greater Cincinnati Chapter Scholarship Committee and must be verified by the National Alumni Association as a student enrolled and in good standing.

  4. This scholarship must first reach endowment status ($25,000). Donations will be matched by the National Alumni Association the following July of each year until endowment is met. After that, the scholarship will become active and can be disbursed.

If you would like to support the Dunehew Family Endowed Scholarship you can click on this link to make a tax deductible contribution: You can also scan this QR code to contribute.

More information about the endowed scholarships provided by CrimsonAti can be found here: The Dunehew Family’s gifts were matched by the Duke Energy Foundation as part of a corporate matching gift grant program to accelerate full endowment. A partial list of local corporate matching employers can be found at the scholarship link above. To find out if your employer provides a corporate match, click here: If you would like to endow a scholarship, complete the online form below and submit it! We'll take it from there! Even though full endowment requires a total of $25,000, an initial gift of $15,000 may reach full endowment the following July when the National Alumni Association matches the donation. CrimsonAti will continue to raise funds for newly endowed scholarships in order for them to reach full endowment. This match for scholarships is unique among colleges & universities.

New Endowment REQUEST Form - FILLABLE
Download PDF • 118KB

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